5 Cost-effective Tools for the Microbusiness

Usually, a microbusiness is a company that employs less than 10 people. Although these organizations are still considered small businesses, there are a few differences that set these terms apart. For instance, those that operate microbusinesses usually depend on second jobs in order to sustain themselves. As the cash flow is usually less than what larger companies may have access to, the microbusiness may rely on low-cost or free tools for day-to-day operations. What are a few tools that can be beneficial for those that are just starting out or perhaps looking for better method?

Credit Card Processing

Previously, credit card processing companies could charge monthly fees and equipment rentals that could hinder the growth of a microbusiness. Today, online organizations offer a less expensive way of accepting credit cards while using your own tablet or smartphone. Using card swipers that plug directly into your mobile device, you can process debit and credit card payments in your establishment. These card readers are usually free releasing you from monthly fees that could strangle your net income.


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Office Software Platforms

Whether you”re creating a contract or you”re setting up a PowerPoint presentation for potential investors, office software is almost mandatory for business efficiency. Although you could pay hundreds of dollars for some of these features, there are many free alternatives on the Internet that are web-based allowing you to work from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Websites and Content Management Systems

A content management system allows you to build a website quickly while offering an easy -to-use interface for adding future material. Tools such as Joomla and WordPress can help you build a site without extensive programming knowledge. As your online presence can play a pivotal role in your local business practices, you don”t need to invest in a lot of money to build a website. However, affordable professionals can help you design an amazing look and feel for less than what you would pay someone to code the entire site from scratch.

Online Financial Applications

Tools such as Quickbooks are well known for delivering a great deal of efficiency and accountability. Instead of a piece of expensive software that needs to be installed on a computer system, many of these titles now offer a more affordable monthly service on the Internet. Using your web browser, you can manage your business finances from work or at home.

Your Smartphone

Due to the popularity of mobile computing and apps, the smartphone can be one of your most powerful tools for business practices. These can be used to monitor your budget, email messages to clients, send documents to printers and more. As nearly every aspect of business is represented by apps, it”s possible to operate the company without having a single computer within the establishment and still be efficient.

The technology of today makes operating a business much easier than it was in the 20th century. From the retail shop operated by a single person to global corporate leaders of industry, technology can reduce expenses and provide an easier way to make money. Take some time and see if there is anything in your establishment that can be optimized. It may save you an incredible amount of money annually.

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