Contribution of Mobile Phone in Education

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the smartphones became popular amongst the common man. Smartphones are fastest-growing in technology that continues to evolve better, faster and more efficient. Mobile phones previously were only limited for telecommunication, but slowly and gradually, the mobile phones were equipped with a high-quality camera, recording device along with Internet access. These features allow the user to interact with the social world.

Above all, one of the major features that smartphones provide is in the field of education. Mobile phones now come along with a number of applications providing education to the user. The modern ways of education have improved the learning experience.

Let us have a glimpse of the number of benefits provided by m-Learning-

Interactive ways of study along with visualization

One of the significant benefit provided by mobile application is the power of visualization. Almost all the learning applications rely on the visual means of learning, i.e. learning through videos. As videos have a higher impact on the mind of the users, so learning through the means of video helps the user to pertain the knowledge for a prolonged duration.

Ease of access

The education application provides access to learning from anywhere and at any time, as preferred by students. One can study from any remote place around the globe, making learning a lot easier. One can also study during the time of their travel or in their leisure time. Various topics like photosynthesis, DNA, threshold concepts, Arithmetic progression, etc. can be easily learned with interesting lecture through the use of mobile phone.


Mobile phones are in possession to the users every second, 24*7. One can easily invest more time to learn through their mobile phone, and if they have any doubt regarding any topic they can easily find the solution to their problem.

Systematic Learning

Mobile application provides a sequential arrangement of topics. This allows users to study with the flow, without any hindrance. Also, the users will get to understand the topics in an easy manner. Many times a topic is related to the topics that are previously learned, thus it is prerequisite to study the previous topic before going through the next, in order to have proper understanding. Such as, if a student wants to learn about Percentage profit and loss, then he shall have prior knowledge of fraction, number etc.  Thus, systematic learning makes learning a lot easier for the users.

Track progress

Various mobile application provides mock tests in order to track the progress of the students so that they get aware of their strong and weak areas. This helps them to overcome their weak areas. This will not only help them to gain knowledge but also will be beneficial to excel in their examination.

All these benefits of mobile phones help students to study through m-learning techniques and gain knowledge through modern techniques which traditional method of learning that textbooks cannot provide.

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