5 Tips for Engaging A Mobile Audience With a Short Attention Span

We are in the realm of human existence of the ever-shortening attention span thanks to a plethora of discoveries, innovations, and unforeseen circumstances. Gone are the days of being able to maintain the focus of a potential customer simply by having a great product. Now, the tech is all about making more happen now, and then moving on to the next topic.

Particularly in the gadget-driven world, when you have something that you need some type of engagement with your audience in order to find out how to improve the product or the experience, you”re going to have to figure out some techniques to electrify those fast-moving brains. Consider the following five tips to make that happen.

Mobile Engagement Is the Way To Go

When you begin looking into the process of mobile engagement, you”ll quickly see how important it is that you get the right information to the right people in the right context in order to have your desired result. Many advertising companies rely on this mental transaction is order to maintain a competitive advantage in a field that now seems to have shrunken to the size of about an 8-second video clip.


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Understand the Importance of Social Media

And think about social media for a minute. You wonder why attention spans are so small until you see how people update Twitter, Snapchat, or even Facebook these days. Everything is abbreviated, sharp, direct, shortened, and compact. In order to engage with people who do this, you have to learn how to do it yourself. So, if you want to promote something new and techy, you have to learn the lingo of texts and emojis.

Go for the Groups

When it comes to engagement, group efforts tend to pay off more than trying to pick out individuals. Because groupthink is a big part of tech consumer culture, if you can find out how to spread a message to a group simultaneously and get them talking about it, it”s much more likely to be a sticky message.

Think Shareable Instead of Important

People don”t always engage with important things, important, products, or important ideas. Sometimes, they just want to share things that are – shareable. Things that other people would enjoy, rather than the things they enjoy themselves. When promoting and engaging, consider the shareability factors at all times.

Consider the Cat Phenomenon

People love sharing cat videos. When you”re trying to engage an audience, remember that. Cats are cute, lighthearted, easy to share, bite sized, and dismissible after just a few short moments. But, the engagement is still there, and enough times, and that message is firmly entrenched. This is what you want to do with your product or service just as easily …


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