4 Metrics You Can Remotely Track With Home Automation Apps

Mobile devices are making it extremely easy for renters and homeowners to monitor and control their dwellings remotely. For example, you can just open an app, set your home office to the ideal temperature, and then drive home knowing that the room will be comfortable once you arrive. Mobile apps are completely changing the landscape when it comes to home automation. Here are some metrics you can track with some of these technologies.


The Nest thermostat control allows you to quickly identify the temperatures of various rooms around your home, schedule different temperature events, and even manually control the temperature while you”re away. You won”t have to worry about leaving climate controls on all day, since you can easily switch it off from the app. These controls can also help you save a significant amount on your electricity bill.


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Home security systems that tie in with mobile apps allow you to remotely monitor your home for threats, including break-ins or trespassing situations. You can also trigger emergency calls or arm your security system remotely, giving you a fighting edge against home intruders or assailants. These home security systems can be modified with a number of devices, including cameras, motion sensors, or sirens so that you can create the ultimate, custom solution.


Water damage can cause a significant amount of destruction to your home and result in high repair costs. You can detect leaking pipes, excessive condensation, and high humidity levels by installing remote sensors like Wally, which communicate changes live to mobile devices. If unusual moisture levels are detected, users receive immediate updates so that they can take action early. You will want to make sure that you are analyzing the moisture level in your home if you live in certain climates or have appliances that are prone to breaking and spewing water so you do not have to call a water damage specialist like Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors.

Power Consumption

Finally, there are a number of home automation gadgets, such as Belkin”s WeMo, which allow you to track the overall power consumption levels in your home and control energy flow to appliances. These metrics can help you take a more sustainable approach, as you strive to find energy efficient appliances for your daily needs. These metrics can also help you lower your power bill, since you”ll have greater awareness of your monthly electrical expenditures.

These apps can help you save money as you decide to purchase property or continue renting. Home automation can give you greater control over your budget and your dwelling. These gadgets can help you set temperatures, monitor moisture, regulate power consumption, and check your home security from your smartphone or tablet.

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