Digital Technology That Helps You Connect to Your Creative Side

In 2001 it was concluded that there were over 2 million artists in the United States that were employed in an artistic career path. In addition to this, about 315,000 were employed in secondary jobs as artists, and 88,000 were artists who were unemployed.

In 2001, the United States had about 2,511,000 artists, which only works out to be about 1.8 percent of the labor force according to a study done by Princeton University. 1.8 percent of people is not a large chunk. If humans are creative beings, why are only 1.8 percent of people identifying as artists?

The answer is probably not easy to find, but one can assume that there are many more creative people in the world than the world believes. It would also seem correct to assume that every individual whether an artist or not, operates in some measure of creativity. They just aren’t confident in their vein of creativity, or they don’t know it exists.


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Luckily, digital technology is here to help. Here are the coolest ways that digital technology helps people connect to their creative sides.

Mobile Apps

If phones are the world, then mobile apps run the world. Since Apple coined the phrase “There’s an app for that”, it’s really pretty hard to find something that there isn’t an app for. Granted, some of the apps fall quite short for what you want them to be, but the fact that there is an app for that is pretty amazing.

If you’re a soul who has yet to connect to your creative side, look no further than your phone, tablet, or any other device that allows you to download an app. The apps range from creating raps, to viewing amazing art at the touch of a hand, to stargazing, to creative problem solving. Whatever your interests, there is an app to inspire you and help you grow in your creativity.

Interactive Art Exhibits

Artists understand that learning is often a hands on experience. Though everybody learns in different ways, 50 percent of the population learns through movement-or by doing, instead of watching or listening.

Places like Park West Gallery are good at offering ways to extend art to everyone. Digital technology allows galleries like Park West or the Louvre or the Museum of Natural History to put their exhibits up in digital formats, so that those who aren’t around are still able to connect with creative things and be inspired.

If you’re a person who doesn’t know where to begin to get inspired to connect to your inner creativity, use the digital world to your advantage. Explore the apps available to you and use the internet to find what places out in the world are using technology to show you something cool.


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