5 Tips For SEO Content Writing

In the world of SEO, content writing is a must. While there may be mixed opinions about this, statistics show that good content writing does help with SEO. If you want it to deliver results, then you’ll need to make sure that it’s good content! Writing second-rate content isn’t going to give you much return on your SEO efforts. Throwing random words on a page and adding a title isn’t going to encourage anyone to stick around your page.

Here are some of the best tips for great SEO content writing.

Don’t Force Keywords

In the beginning of SEO, haphazardly dumping your keywords throughout your article where it wasn’t a good fit was okay. However, nowadays, the same old tricks don’t fly anymore.

It’s important to strategically place keywords throughout your writing where it makes sense. You’ve got to be intelligent about where and how you incorporate your keywords. Otherwise, your writing won’t be taken seriously.


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Write About Relevant Content

Before you sit down and do SEO writing, it’s essential to have something in mind that people actually care about. All too often, writers pump out generic articles with no strategy behind it. However, if you post content that people are genuinely interested in and want to read about, then you’ll find that you’ll get much better results out of your efforts.

Get Tech Savvy

Writers aren’t expected to know a lot on the technical side of SEO. After all, you weren’t hired for your JavaScript experience; you were hired because you’re a good writer!

However, knowing a few tech tips can actually make you a better writer! Get to know how things are structured can help you improve your strategy.

Make It Long Enough

Search engines prefer articles that are over a few hundred words. Anything less will be less noticed by Google. If you can manage as much as 1000 words, then great, however, reaching at least a few hundred should do the trick.

The more words that you have, the more value you’re providing.

Keep An Eye On Analytics

One of the worst mistakes that you can make as a content writer is making content, then walking away as if your job is done. However, it’s important that you’re monitoring what kind of results you’re getting out of your efforts. Take a look at all of the data and take a look at whether you’re getting the results that you want.

Keeping an eye on your information will help you optimize your site to get the best possible outcome that you want.

By applying these tips and understanding that Google doesn’t read your articles the same way that your readers do, you should gradually improve your SEO content writing skills and increase your visibility.


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