5 Unbelievable Car Valuation Secrets Used in India.

India has largest auto media vehicle where people love to buy and sell the cars online through internet or through the dealers. Car valuation calculator helps them in giving the exact price of the car which either they upload on the net or tell the dealer that they wanted to sell the car at this price. It just make buying and selling of the vehicles easy for the Indian people.

Car valuation calculator brought the dealing to the new level. Apart from the traditional style of selling cars which involves dealing without knowing the exact value of car. Car valuation made the  dealing easy and effective for the customer so that they get their goal in a much lesser time..

Our Mission

Car valuation calculator strives to bring joy and delight to our customer life by making car dealership effective and error free. In order to enable our customer choose the best, it aim to empower them with the necessary information needed at the time of dealing. The calculator enabled them to make faster and more reliable decision while ensuring the chances of error to its minimum. The buying of the car is the most crucial decision and should be taken wisely.

According to research, other than selecting a solid history vehicles of lower rates of depreciation, there are much more things that are needed for customer decision both when at buying and selling of the car. When you are buying a car, you need to thing its worth in future. So thing before you lock your decision!

Here are 5 of the hidden secrets solely used by the premium car valuation India to assist them achieving the best. Never miss these factors when buying a car.


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Vehicle’s Condition and history

The mileage age of the vehicles is obvious factor that goes into any vehicle. The chances of break down of a car depend upon how old the car is. The older car gets damages early! The make and model along with other things provides you a general starting point which enables you to estimate the cost of vehicles.Car valuation calculates the life of the car depending upon its mileage and the years.

Market Factors

Along with the age and condition of the car which are equally important,

If age and condition are the most focused indicators of a vehicle’s importance, the fluctuation of the market are the most inconstant. From colour of the car to the price of gas, they all plays a vital role in making your car appealing in front of the customer. Even the location of the dealer or buyer can influence the sale.

Crash histories and repairing

Vehicles which have a long history of the maintenance as well as any crashesor violations are asignificant part of estimating a vehicle’s worth. A relatively new vehicle that is kept poorlymay reduce its life than an older car which is maintained. This is particularly important as a buyer, as vehicles on the lot can be made to look pristine in order to mask the troubles under the hood.

Upgrading and modification

The modification made to the car will directly affect the life and value of the car. The upgrades are general enough to where most buyers would agree they constitute an increase in price. However, some modifications, such as adding a spoiler would represent more of a personal preference, and could alter the valuation negatively.


Yes it matters! Colour matters! You might buy a good colour of your choice because that might have been trending at that time but when you will go for selling that, the downfall in its worth is possible. Before buying a car, go for a decent look that remains decent even after 20 years. You are clever!

Car valuation plays the crucial role when it comes to buying of the old car as it can exactly the buyer that whether the car he is buying is worth the money or not. The car valuation calculator is mostly used by the buyer before he contacts the seller but the factors which are considered by car valuation calculator are :

  1. Whether there were any major accidents.
  2. Whether all the parts are original.

The car valuation only considers the year and mileage of the car.


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