5 Ways Technology can Help businesses Communicate

Look back at how business was done a decade or two ago and you will realise that everything was done far more manually than today. Concepts like email, telecommuting or digital advertisements were strange to most business owners. Today, a lot has changed. Businesses are now communicating more with their customers as technology has changed so many things.

Are you still lagging behind in your business? Here is how technology can help you.


Smart phones have become an invaluable tool for both owners and employees. These devices are very important for staying in touch while on the go and make it easy for you to answer queries from your customers from anywhere. When you also take into consideration the sheer penetration of smartphones across the world today, you will understand why there is normally a greater chance of your customers contacting via their smartphone than by any other means. With email, text and social networking, smartphones bring you closer to your customers.

If you don’t have any business apps on your phone then check out this list and join the 21st Century.


Technology has also changed the way colleagues in a business setting keep in touch with one another. Workers on the same projects can work from miles away, and at different hours thanks, to email and online collaboration tools. This concept is known as telecommuting and it is fast on the rise.  This was virtually impossible a few years ago but now it is common place.

Customer Service

With technology, businesses now have no excuse for not communicating with their customers.  Questions and problems can now be dealt with via email, online chat and even social media. Properly equipped call centres also make it easy for customer agents to be more efficient than ever.  Technology also means that customers can talk about you more easily. They can share vent though social media, and often do. Customer service is now more important than ever.

Traditionally businesses had to struggle for space in the print media as they tried to reach new and existing clients.  Today, all that has changed.  Marketing can be done on the internet with the aid of a well-designed website and a good hosting plan on a fast server. You can use PPC on the big search engines like Google to get your business in found for specify searches your prospects are doing online. Businesses can also use digital signage to communicate with their clients in crowded areas thanks to companies like Videonations. This means you can get word out about your business in airports, hotels, shopping centres and even at big industry events.


Before now, teleconferencing was solely done over the phone. Today, advancements have relegated teleconferencing to the periphery, as more businesses are embracing web conferencing as the way to go. With the coming together of online meeting spaces, web cams and audio technology, participants in a conference can see each other and recreate the live experience from anywhere in the world.  This has made it easier than ever for business to reach out to global customers and develop a global workforce.

These are just some of the ways technology has changed how businesses interact and communicate.

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