Top Benefits of Shared Hosting Over Dedicated Hosting?

The web hosting space is flooded with plenty of hosting packages and so as type of web hosting, most of the people know only about two type of hosting, the first one is shared hosting and the second one is dedicated hosting, while most of the new users or people who do not have specific requirement related to hosting, go with shared hosting, while other choose dedicated to ensure, server should meet the site’s requirement. The debate is endless, while not to forget, the shared hosting is still preferred over others.

Low Cost

Yes, this is the only reason most of the people who do not have any specific requirement go with shared hosting. The shared hosting comes at extremely low cost, it allows almost anyone to start a website without have to investing a huge money on server specifications. The shared hosting prices are normally much lower than dedicated and other type of hosting, this is because one single server is shared by many users. This way the price is distributed equally and so as the server specifications.


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Good Server Administration

The server administration of shared hosting is extremely good, you need not to worry about anything that is going wrong, the back end team handles everything, you do not need to worry about any virus attack, downtime etc. The only thing you have to do is manage your site well. You don’t need some unique knowledge in web site and server administration

So next time you are not sure about where to start, you can pick shared hosting, eventually you will learn lot of thing about hosting when you will get involved in it.

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