5 Ways Technology Helps In The Business Of Clean Water

Water is essential to maintain life, and clean water isn’t that easy to obtain in some places of the world.  As the world’s water sources get dirtier, technology has the challenge of finding new ways to clean the sludge into drinkable water.

You have your common waste water treatment plants scattered around the world, but other solutions are needed for those who live in third-world countries and impoverished areas of the world.

Take a moment to check out a few ways in which technology is helping in the business of creating clean, potable water for the world.

Solar technology providing clean water

There are plenty of areas around the world where the issue is not that there isn’t any water, but that there is no clean water available for drinking.  It’s common for more than 80 percent of sewage in underdeveloped countries to simply be dumped into untreated waterways.


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Unfortunately, this makes for a sketchy drinking situation.  However, Innovative Water Technologies is a company working towards solar solutions to the problem of potable water.  

Technology gathers water from fog 

There are also some places in the world where groundwater resources have actually gone dry.  In Morocco, the groundwater is gone, but the fog is abundant.  

Everyone knows that fog is a great source of water, and a nonprofit organization called Dar Si Hmad has figured out a way to harness the resource.  

Dar Si Hmad set up fog collectors along the slopes of Mount Boutmezguida, and the plan worked.  The area can now collect more than 6,000 liters of clean, drinkable water every single day.  

A book that is drinkable 

One of the most creative ideas for bringing technology and water together comes from a nonprofit organization that goes by the name of Water is Life.  The organization created a book that offers a little more than knowledge to its owners.  

The drinkable book’s pages contain tons of information on how to purify dirty water for drinking.  However, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  The pages of the drinkable book can be ripped out and used as a filter to create potable water.  

The life straw is saving lives

The LifeStraw is a portable straw-like contraption that can instantly create potable drinking water for its owner from some of the yuckiest water you can imagine.  The standard-sized LifeStraw has the ability to make more than 1,000 liters of drinkable water.

The Warka Water Tower

The Warka Water Tower began in a small Ethiopian village.  At first sight, the contraption looks like some kind of elaborate teepee.

However, the Warka Water Tower is built to harvest water from seemingly nothing.  It’s built to gather air and pull the water from it. The method used to gather the condensed water from the air is similar to the way engineers gather water from fog screens.


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