3 Tips For Designing Ads For Social Media

If you’re a business that uses social media to spread your message and reach out to your customers or clients, knowing how to effectively use social media ads is likely a big part of your strategy. But in recent years, having ads that are too pushy or promotion-focused have seemed to not have done as well. Knowing this, you might need to rethink how you create your ads in the future.

To assist you in doing this, here are three tips for designing ads for social media.

Don’t Make Your Ads Look Too Much Like Ads

As was mentioned above, one of your main goals for creating an online ad for social media should be to make your ad not look too much like an ad. When your ad looks too sales-y, people tend to simply overlook it, since they generally don’t log into social platforms with the intention of seeking out ads to click on. Rather, you’ll want your ads to look much more organic.

To do this, try to make your ads look very similar to other content that you’re posting that isn’t an ad. By doing this, your followers will likely spend more time looking at your ad, just as they do with your other content. And, when looking at your content as a whole, your ads will be able to more seamlessly fit in with everything else that you’re posting.


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Keep Your Fonts And Colors Simple

In the past, people tried to make their ads as eye-catching and intrusive as possible. This was thought to make people pause for a moment and notice what they were sharing. However, tamer ads might have a better result for modern consumers.

Ideally, you should try to keep your ads simple when it comes to choosing fonts and colors. With simple, easy-to-read fonts and colors, those seeing your ad will instantly be able to decipher who you are and what your ad is about. If you make things too complicated, it can be a real turn off, both visually and emotionally.

Make Engagement Your Priority

Rather than just having someone see your ad on social media, your goal should be to have people engage with your ads. Even if they don’t convert exactly how you want with your ad, namely completing a sale, engagement in any way can be seen as a win.

If you’re able to get people to engage with your ad, either by sharing it or commenting on it, you’ll be breaking down barriers both with them personally and with their social habits so that your ads can be more easily seen in the future and you can have a better chance of having even more engagement as well.

If you’re needing to create better ads for your social media campaigns, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.

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