5 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business Web Presence

It seems like there”s almost a monthly changing of the guard when it comes to business practices that are the best use of your time in terms of promotion and engagement, but at the core of all that change is the center concept of social media.

In days past, you might rely mostly on word of mouth or print or TV ads, but now the game has changed and you have to pay much more attention to things like Twitter for immediate updates, Periscope for live streaming, building a Facebook audience, interacting on other social media profiles, and listening to social feedback on a daily basis.

Via Twitter

Having a business Twitter account is essential on several levels. There are a core group of people who rely on that service for instant updates, and it”s their primary mode of communication between themselves as customers and clients, and you as a business owner. So, by keeping a Twitter presence, you”re allowing people to opt in to what you have to say professionally, even if you”re just spreading around what you think would be valuable information, without necessarily promoting yourself explicitly.


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Using Periscope

If you haven”t taken the time to install the new Periscope app yet, you should stop what you”re doing right now and check it out. It”s a way to live broadcast yourself (or your business) so that people can see what you”re doing, and potentially interact via text, so that you can present information and answer questions all at the same time. This is going to be huge in the near future.

Building a Facebook Page

And Facebook is still a central stomping ground for social activity, so there are good reasons to build a Facebook business page so that people who spend most of their time there have a way to see what your essential services are as easily as possible, and give you an opportunity to interact with them that way as well.

Interacting On Other Social Media Profiles

And you should also, as a business owner, be interacting on people social profiles as well. This shows that you don”t necessarily just react to what”s being sent your way, but that you actively engage with other people and businesses as well. This helps to develop an overall trust with a community.

Listening To Social Feedback

And finally, the last way to use social media to increase the value of your business web presence is by listening to, and responding to, social feedback. There are countless examples of real people giving real feedback about you and your business via social media accounts. But it”s up to you to learn to analyze and react to them accordingly.


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