Four Types Of Apps That Will Better Your Life

How many apps do you have on your smartphone right now? Are any of them doing anything to help enrich your life? Were you even aware that an app could do such a thing?

It’s like you have no less than three social media apps on your phone, if not a few more, and you probably use them on a daily basis. They probably also frustrate you on a daily basis. But, there are better apps on your phone you could be using that will help you relax, feel better, and have more energy. Here are some app types you should be seeking out to download on your phone.


Meditation apps on your smartphone can be a lifesaver. Meditation and doing breathwork can help you get through even the most stressful situations, from addiction recovery to a bad work day. Find a meditation app that works for you.

There are apps that will send you reminders when it’s time to meditate each day (and meditating on a daily basis is a really good practice). You can also use your YouTube app on your phone to search for guided meditations. There are some really great ones, especially those from The Honest Guys.


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Your phone is my fitness buddy. There is an app you can download on your phone that will help track your fitness, even without the addition of a Fitbit or something like it. There may be different options between your brand of phone and your platform, if you use Apple or Android.

You can also find great apps on your phone for manually tracking your meals, calorie intake, and workouts. These will take some focus to remember to use, but they can be very motivational when it comes to getting healthy and/or losing weight.


Meditation apps are relaxing, but there are other apps that can also help you relax. There are even game apps that can relax you. One really good relaxing game for your smartphone is Zen Koi, but it doesn’t hold a monopoly on the relaxing games market.

The key is to download a couple and try them out. Figure out which ones really work to relax you and then remove the others. What is relaxing for one person isn’t always relaxing for everyone.


Music is relaxing, although it depends on your mood and your choice of music. Music can put you to sleep, it can help you get over a bad breakup, it can motivate you to exercise, and it can keep you awake on a long drive. Figure out what music makes you feel what and create yourself playlists for every mood you long for.

You can use an app like Spotify to do this, or if you have an Apple iPhone you have iTunes right at your fingertips!


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