Adding More Appeal to Tradeshows and Business Expos

Tradeshows and business expos are excellent ways to get your brand noticed by local communities. While you could set up your booth with plain cardboard cutouts and perhaps a stack of paper flyers, you can do more to engage consumers by using various electronics. The more flashy and active your booth appears, the more interested people will be in what your business provides. It”s all about getting their attention and giving people a reason to visit your area.

Audible Demonstrations and Information

As there may be hundreds of people in your immediate area, it might be difficult for those interested in your message to hear you. By using a wireless speaker system and wireless microphone, you can easily communicate your message over some of the loudest of circumstances. This will keep your hands free as the microphone can clip onto your shirt or suit while transmitting the audio signal. This may sound like an expensive setup, but it”s not as costly as you may think. There are several cost-effective brands that will perform to your expectations for little cost.

Interactive Visual Displays

There are many ways you can show a message to those passing by your booth. Interactive visual displays take cues from the individual and will change the display according to his or her movements. Gesture devices are able to turn nearly any surface into a visual display, eliminating the need to set up and put away expensive LCD or plasma screens. Essentially, a projector throws the images on a flat surface while sensors monitor the movements of your hands.

Furnishings During the Tradeshow

While it may be cost efficient to maintain a plain set up for your tradeshow booth, you can make more of an impact if your booth is unique and eye-catching. Although you don”t want to add too much to your booth and make it look cluttered, using roll-up banners and ambient lighting could gather attention from the passing masses. Modular designs could be an attraction for your brand while using monitor displays to provide information to various individuals. Although these units may be more expensive, it can be considered a marketing expense and is reusable. As long as you”re dedicated to setting up your brand”s booth at several tradeshows throughout the year, it could be an invaluable marketing asset.


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Table Touchscreen Devices

By using touchscreen devices built into tabletops, you can display the information on a larger secondary screen for a large number of people to see. For instance, some of these touchscreen units are able to connect to virtually any LCD display, including 60-inch televisions and larger with specific ports such as VGA for the connection. Using the table-touch device in your podium, you can demonstrate your product or brand on the larger display for those who are gathering near your booth.

There are many ways you can add more emphasis to your tradeshow demonstration. While there”s nothing wrong with keeping your booth low-cost and basic, visual appeal could make more of an impact on your target audience. Never underestimate what flash and pizzazz can do for you at the next tradeshow or business expo.

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