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Feel free to be nostalgic about the cars of old, but also feel free to appreciate just how much technology has done to improve overall safety for drivers and passengers in newer cars. Especially in the last decade or so, there’ve been many practical improvements in the field of automobile safety that mean that you no longer have to have anxiety about automobile accidents. Three categories in particular to think about while meditating on the idea of modern car safety include the concept of back up cameras, proximity sensors, and onboard entertainment.

Back Up Cameras         

Ah, the anxiety of backing up trying to use mirrors and twisting your head around. Especially for older drivers, when mobility may be impaired and sight isn’t so great either! By having backup cameras installed, drivers can have their focus and attention exactly where it needs to be, in clear view. Newer models even have lights and night vision so that lighting conditions are absolutely no concern at all. It takes a minute to get used to how the camera system works, but once it’s installed, parking lots suddenly become vastly safer places!


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Proximity Sensors                                  

Proximity sensors in vehicles are also huge improvements in safety when it comes to being in a car and driving. Blind spots are no longer as dangerous, and even though no one would recommend driving while tired or distracted, suddenly there is a little bit of extra time for decisions regarding changing lanes, backing up, moving through parking lots, or driving when there are kids around who aren’t paying attention, at schools for instance. Though nothing replaces careful driving, having proximity sensors at least gives an extra layer of protection to the people in and out of the car, which is why they have become such popular options for newer vehicles.

Onboard Entertainment

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but having onboard entertainment systems can really help with the safety of a long drive, simply for the reason that it helps youngers kids to relax and behave, which means you aren’t distracted trying to keep them occupied. Throw in a DVD and suddenly the kids are happy and content in the back, which means no turning around to yell ‘stop touching your brother!’ Parents of toddlers and teenagers alike will appreciate the fact they no longer have to focus as much on their passengers, and rather get to pay more attention to the road.  With a few different entertainment systems installed at the same time, each kid can even have his or her own video playing, and with a set of headphones on, they will be silent as mice as you navigate through your journey.

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