Who is the Best SMS Gateway Service Provider of 2017?

Though it is a very cheeky question to be asked, businesses across different industry verticals, will definitely look forward to the answer. Before jumping directly, it is always important to understand what exactly this SMS gateway is. In simple terms it may be called a mechanism or an application embedded in the web, allowing you to send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) communications across different phone networks through your computer. Almost 95% of the readers have definitely tried this, when your mobiles have run out of balance and options to recharge were nil. There was a time when SMS use to rule the communication market and the telecom operators used to target the youth with attractive SMS offers. Though it was tiresome, people used to spend hours texting, out of which some might have turned to be extraordinary stenographers in future.


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Advertisement Sector & the Need for SMS Gateways

Any business sector that was affected by the new trend was none other than the advertisement segment. They found SMS to be one of the best mediums to reach out to their prospects and generate business. But then unlike for personal use, employing somebody for texting and too to such a huge database was time consuming and at the same time impractical. This resulted in the evolution of the so called SMS Gateways, which each of them started developing themselves to maximize the reach in no time. The competition was too high beyond expectations and many of them changed their business models, offering free service to the public.

SMS Gateway- The Ultimate Torch Bearer

The new technology has paved way for many more probable mechanisms that could cater to the needs of the upcoming and existing businesses to rule out the competition and stay afloat. The popular instant messengers and bulk email sending tools which we rely, our businesses on, even these days, are based on the same model that taught a generation how to communicate silently. Today where there are no character limits for texting, an SMS is still valued above all text messages that you receive over your phone.

These are facts and everything once again ligers back to the question, as who could be the best SMS gateway provider of 2017. Well, this is a highly subjective matter of concern, but there are more facts that one can keep at the back of his mind, which will help him in deciding the best service provider as per his requirements. Please be informed that the below mentioned statements are generalized and will be applicable at any point of time.

  • Cost:  Make sure you have a clear idea of what exactly 1 SMS costs.
  • Usage Limits:  Enquire about the usage limits and carry forward credit options monthly
  • Hidden Charges: Double check to affirm that there are no hidden charges involved.
  • Support Service:  The provider should be prompt in responding to emails and calls
  • Testing Option: Ask for any testing option to check the efficiency or free trial
  • 100% Delivery:  Make sure they assure this
  • API:  The API should be easy to use and well documented as well.
  • Network: Check if the provider’s network coverage is satisfactory
  • Expiry: You have the right to be kept posted prior to the expiry date
  • 2-Way: Does they provide 2-way service as well.

The provider who satisfies the above said in accordance with the customer’s requirements is the best SMS gateway service provider for the respective business.


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