Blogging On The Move: 5 Pieces Of Software You Want To Take With You

I’ve talked about a few piece of software that will allow someone to run their blog while they’re on the move. A lot of people seem to love the idea of location independence these days.

Many bloggers love what they do because they don’t have to be trapped in the same place. Even if they’re on the move they’ll still be able to run their business, but if you want to do it successfully you’ll still need a few key pieces of software. We can take a look at some of the more important things today so you get an idea of what you’ll need and why you’ll need to use it.

Access your files anywhere

When you’re on the move you still want access to all your important files and these days it’s easily done as long as you have a cloud storage account. Dropbox is usually the one everyone turns too, but there are more options out there if you go looking. Once your files are stored in the cloud you can access them from any computer in the world. You will also be able to access the same files from any mobile device you might be working on and your entire team will still be able to access them too.

Stay connected to people

A mobile phone might come in handy when you want to speak to someone, but sometimes it’s easier using a VoIP service like Skype. One of the biggest benefits is the fact you can call someone from anywhere in the world and it won’t cost much money. You can also look them in the eye while speaking to them. There is usually a team behind bigger blogs, so if you have people working for you it’s also possible to speak to them on a conference call at the same time.

Blog on your tablet

Because you’re on the move there is a good chance you’ll have your tablet with you. Why take your laptop out of your bag when you can do everything on a much smaller device? The only thing you really need is a great blogging app because it will make your life easier. Blogsy is the most popular one of its kind at the moment and you can write anything on the app before posting it directly to your blog. You will also be able to add all of your multimedia too.

Back everything up

When you’re working on your blog it’s very important to back it up before something goes wrong. WP Twin is a great piece of software that will let you feel safe all the time. You just need to have a special file sitting inside your hosting account and when you access a certain location on your server it will back up your site. Once your site has been backed up you can send the file directly to Dropbox so you don’t lose it. Your site will be indestructible and you’ll never lose it because of a silly mistake.

Sending third party emails

They tell bloggers the money is in the list because it’s true, but when you’re always on the move you’re better keeping the list with a third party. Aweber is one of the best and they’ll take care of everything. They will store all your follow-up messages and email addresses. You can log on from anywhere to send an email even if you don’t have your laptop with you. Just remember to export your emails every once in a while so they don’t get lost.

No need to stay still

We are going through an amazing time right now because for the first time in history people can be truly mobile while running a huge business. Keep your eye out for more software that will allow you to do certain jobs while you’re on the move because it will be worth downloading it.

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