Fascinating Ways to Use Technology to Help You Live Well in Old Age

Older people nowadays have it pretty easy. Medical care and technology have advanced so much in recent years that people are expected to live longer than they’ve ever lived before. Since 1970, the average person is expected to live 8 years longer today. That’s a significant lifespan increase for 46 years.

Due to technological advances, the quality of life for millions of people has significantly increased. Disease is less rampant in society, and dangerous virus strains that have wiped out people by the millions in the past are less likely to do the same today. While some diseases like cancer seem to be on the rise, at the rate technology advances, we can expect to see the same kind of headway for modern medicine.

While you’re probably not the doctor or scientist that is the one who is physically finding cures to disease and making it possible for people to live well into old age, you too can use technology to help improve your own quality of life in old age. Here’s how:

Participate in a Game of Simon Says

Because information can be shared so easily on the internet today, you have to best resource that’s ever been available to anyone in the history of the world. If you have a question about how to do something, you don’t have to go through the grueling process of learning it through trial and error, you get to look up the answer on the internet.


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Gleaning from other people’s knowledge is a great way to get places in life. You don’t have to do any work but read. It’s like a massive game of Simon Says. Simon says you can live well and retire early. Is that true? People who know what they’re talking about say it is. Just do what they say if you feel that they’re a credible source, and you just used technology to improve your quality of life!

Buy Products That Do Things For You

Everybody loves a piece of technology that does really cool things all on it’s own. The world is becoming more accustomed to this idea. Automatic sliding doors at the supermarket have served to make lives easier for years! Now when a door doesn’t slide, people ask why. If a phone doesn’t talk to you, people don’t think it’s relevant.

As you get old, these kinds of products are even more beneficial to you. If you can’t operate a simple piece of machinery, buy an electric can opener. If you can’t walk up and down the stairs, buy a state of the art wall chair that gets you where you need to go.

Technology is the world’s biggest asset. It opens the future up to allow every former impossibility to become a possibility. With technology, you’re chances at a longer, happier life don’t slip away with your memory. Technological advancements redefine what it means to be human and grow old.


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