3 Ways To Protect Yourself From AI Scams

With AI scams on the rise and anyone susceptible to being a victim to them, there are things that every person should do in order to better protect themselves and their families from falling for these scams.

To help you see how this can be done and prepare yourself for the possibility of someone using AI to scam you, here are three ways to protect yourself from AI scams.

Only Trust Your Outgoing Calls

Many of the scams that people are using AI to help pull off have to do with getting a phone call from someone that you know and having that person’s voice ask for money or tell you that they need you to send money to help them in some way. These phone calls look like they’re coming from someone within your contacts and use the voice of the person that you know. But if this behavior is suspicious to you at all, one thing that you can try is to hang up with that person and call them back yourself.

Because people can spoof phone numbers, just because an incoming call appears to come from someone you know doesn’t mean that it’s actually that person. But if you call them back on the number that you know if there’s, you can double-check that it’s actually this person making this request and not a scammer.

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Ask Identifying Questions

If you get onto a phone call with someone saying that they’re in trouble or asking for money and you’re not sure if it’s really them or an AI that replicated their face and voice, something that you can try is to ask them identifying questions that only the real person would know.

Questions that could be easily searched aren’t ideal for this situation. But you can ask them things like what was the last movie we watched together or what did I say to you about a specific thing when we were at dinner last night. If they can answer this question, then you can have a bit more certainty that the call is legitimate.

Come Up With A Safe Word Or Code Word Together

Another thing that you and your loved ones can do is to come up with some kind of safe word that you will use in the event that you need to verify their identity or legitimacy about something.

To do this, agree with all of your friends or family members on a word or phrase that you’ll use as your safe word or code word. Then, before you take any drastic measures, believe extreme claims, or send large sums of money to each other, you require the person to give you the correct code word that you’ve previously agreed upon in-person.

If you want to best protect yourself from being tricked and scammed by AI, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in doing this.

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