Fighting For Online Attention: The Blogger’s Challenge

Anyone can post blog content online. That is a blessing and a curse. If you have something to say, you can type it out, make sure that you edit it for quality, and then post it somewhere that you own or that is connected to someone else’s website. However, because there is no barrier to entry into this world, you are fighting for attention against all of the other bloggers who are doing the same thing as you.

If you think about how many millions of people are posting blogs about every conceivable topic every day, you begin to understand the enormity of your task if you’re trying to get part of the public’s attention at large.

So how do you approach this challenge? You have to start with one post. Your very first step may be the hardest. Then, you have to learn how to use search engine optimization naturally within your content. Also, it’s essential to recognize that as your fighting for attention, the actual span of that attention can be incredibly short.


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That means you have to be very creative in your writing style. Finally, you should consider the ups and downs of various kinds of social media use. There are benefits, and there are detriments to different posting techniques via these platforms.

Your First Posts

When you begin a blog, you might have a few different intentions. Perhaps you want to use it as a business endeavor. Maybe you’re more interested in expressing yourself. But regardless of your intent, there are ways to add financial implications into the creation of your material. As you are posting your content, be sure that you keep your purpose in mind, and be very sure that you understand that once something goes up on the Internet, it is never deleted for real. People suffer the consequences of negative blogging behavior for their entire lives if they are not careful.

Learning To Use SEO Naturally

As you begin researching successful blogs, you will find that all of them ultimately end up using search engine optimization techniques very naturally. The words and phrases that you use when you’re writing will be absorbed and analyzed by web crawlers, and then you’ll be given a score based on how valuable the content appears to be. The more relevant your content, the higher up in the search engine results it will show up.

Recognizing the Attention Span of Your Audience

Society is dealing with an ever decreasing attention span right now. All of your efforts are going to go to waste in the blogosphere if you don’t figure out how to grab people’s attention appropriately, and then use other techniques to maintain that attention on the content that you’re providing.

Social Media Ups and Downs

There are benefits and detriments to using social media for business and blogging purposes. If you have an excellent social media network, you can link to your external blog content. However, this is another case of the fact that everybody is doing this. If people are numb to their social media feeds in public forums, you have to figure out how to use social media more privately for a higher chance of success.


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