Four Kitchen Devices You Must Have

Technology has made its way into nearly every part of the human life. People carry laptops, tablets and smartphones with them. Phones can be used to control the garage door, the heat in your home and even to turn off the coffee pot. Technology is in the bedroom, the home office and even the bathroom.

One of the best places technology has made its way is into the kitchen. Once upon a time the basic technologically advanced kitchen gadgets were a microwave, a coffee pot, a blender and a toaster. Now there are hundreds of great devices for kitchen use.

The Advanced Blending Systems

While you may still just have the basic blender in your kitchen, if you want to make smoothies or turn bananas into ice cream, you may want to look at the Bullet or the Ninja. Each of these systems has different powered choices, ones that can even turn your favorite nut into nut butter. These work better than your average blender because of higher speeds and they take of less space too.


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All The Coffee Pot Can Do

Older coffee pots only had an on off switch. Now you can do varying pot sizes, set timers and most coffee makers even have their own timed shut-off sensors. A whole pot too much for you? Single cup machines like Keurig have come down greatly in price since they were first introduced. Or, if plain coffee isn’t your thing, look into getting a cappuccino machine instead.

Frying Up Some Goodies

If you’re still one of those people that prefers fried foods, make them at home with a FryDaddy or other brand of counter fryer for the home. Frying doesn’t have to be bad for you if you do it at home using a healthier oil option and creating your own breadings. Use organic meat choices to make homemade chicken nuggets and more.

Trade In The Microwave

You’ve probably been hearing bad things about microwaves all your life, and that’s not even including the fact that they don’t cook food evenly or thoroughly. Trade your microwave in for a toaster oven or a convection oven. Both work great and can do almost anything a microwave can to heat your food, but in a more thorough manner.

If you want your kitchen to be up-to-date, and maybe even a little more healthy, these four kitchen gadgets are must haves. You’ll be frying up healthier foods, mixing up healthier drinks and heating up healthier leftovers in no time.

It’s amazing the things that technology does to make life simpler and faster. Plus, that coffee pot with the timer is sure to make your morning easier. And, if you forget to shut it off it’s automatic shut-off may save your home or your life.

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