Tech Equipment and Peripherals For College-Bound Students

As if you didn”t have enough to worry about when it came to heading off to college with regard to things like grades, finances, and getting a place to live in your new location, there”s also the matter of what techy stuff you need to purchase in order to be able to successfully attend your new classes.

To help you out with this decision tree, consider things like picking a good printer, choosing the right computer to mesh with your class choices, making sure you have the right mobile phone (and service provider!) for the area, getting the right tablet for your class needs, and accessorizing effectively with things like fitness and sleep trackers.

Picking a Printer

Even though a lot of work is going to be done digitally, there are still going to be times when you need to print things out. Which means that you either need access to a printer, or you need to buy your own for your personal use. This is not something to think about at the last minute, as it”s important to understand due dates as far in advance as possible, especially when it comes to having hard copies of things to turn in.


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Choosing a Computer

There are a pretty solid set of factors for you to consider when it comes time to choose the right computer for your college experience. For example, for some colleges, either a Mac or a PC will be required because of the specific software that you”re going to have to use. That consideration aside, there”s also the matter of what you”re most comfortable with, especially if you have to use a lot of processing power, or you already have specific software that you use for your academic and creative pursuits.

The Mobile Phone Decision

It didn”t used to be as much of an issue, but now, having the right mobile phone and the right carrier is a big deal when it comes to heading to college. Look at maps of coverage before you make this fairly serious decision, because your phone is going to be your lifeline to a degree, for both academic and personal reasons.

Getting the Right Tablet

Yes, you already have a good computer and a solid mobile phone, but there”s a good set of apps and convenience with having a tablet as well. To a degree, tablets have replaced the need for laptops, so long as you don”t require any kind of processor hungry apps.

Accessorizing Effectively

And for college success, there”s also the tangents of keeping fit, tracking your nutrition and posture, or even just having a reminder system in place that you can wear on your wrist. To that end, think about some of the wearables that are on the market from different major companies that can help you stay on target physically and mentally.


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