Innovative additions to the tablet market

With recent reports stating that global smartphone sales may have peaked, many of the world’s top tech manufacturers have sought to create a brand new market through some interesting new tablets that look to blend the convenience of a smartphone with the firepower and larger display of a traditional laptop.

And it’s the increased range of tasks that can be carried out with a tablet that illustrate just how versatile these devices are. Whether it’s using a tablet for providing some in-car entertainment or even for turning our homes into a luxury casino, it seems that it’s tablets that are really capturing the public’s imagination in 2016.

Lenovo have been at the forefront of creating some eye-opening tablet technology with their striking bendable tablets stealing the show at a recent trade fair in San Francisco. And whilst such bendable technology may not have an immediately apparent use, it shows just how creative Lenovo have become in producing headline grabbing tech.


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Their Yoga Tab Pro 3 has already become one of the most discussed tablets of 2016 thanks to its inbuilt projector that is capable of producing a reasonable quality image of up to 70 inches. Such innovation offers many obviously practical uses for viewing and sharing videos, and similarly the live casino games found at the Betway site will be made all the more realistic when broadcast onto the wall of your living room.

But it’s not just in our homes where the latest range of tablets are supercharging our lives, as there have been a number of tablet innovations like specially designed carseat tablet mounts that have sought to add a little extra entertainment for car passengers.

And as well as turning the backseat of a car into the equivalent of an airline cabin, drivers can also get a little tablet-based assistance thanks to innovative pieces of kit like the OverDryve dashboard tablet.

This great little device can transform your old car into a 21st century smart car that’s capable of delivering functions like hands-free messaging, voice control and even collision detection. And with the added feature of Rand McNally’s award-winning navigation software, it’ll also help you get from A to B with just a simple voice-activated command.

So whether it’s turning the walls of your home into a luxury casino, or just getting a little help in parking in that tight space, there are plenty of ways that our tablets are helping improve our lives in 2016.


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