Reasons Why Apple Fans Prefer The New IPad Mini Over The IPad

Apple fans have been pleasantly surprised by the iPad mini and the device has been a great hit for many. The iPad mini does not boast the retina display that the iPad 2 does, but there are many great features that iPads are loved for and the size makes for a tablet that is convenient and small enough to realistically carry around for anyone. Some fans prefer the iPad mini to their iPads, so let’s find out what that is…

The iPad mini is really simple to use and there is a noticeable difference in size. The ease of use means that users are more likely to actually use the device as a portable device as it has been created to be. The screen is small, but not too small at roughly right inches, so it’s still not the smallest tablet on the market, but any smaller would be a mobile phone so it’s not likely that there is going to be a further reduction in size. The iPad mini is perfect in size as it is, so any smaller would probably not be such a hit anyway.


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The iPad mini is really light and can be used comfortably wherever you decide to use it. It’s really thin too with a display of just 1024×768. You can choose how you search the web and whether or not you view the mobile sites or full-web sites as the screen is just big enough to give you the option. You can check out the actual size with any Apple retailers though if you want a closer look for yourself before you decide and to really get a feel for the lightweight, sleek, and smaller device. The device is attractive too, which is a bonus and discreet so you can rest assured that it’s not as largely on display when you are in public.

An awesome feature is that you can type properly. You can literally type normally in the touchscreen, just like on your mobile, as the device is small enough to be cradled comfortably. The great thing about Apple products are the Apps of course. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from and run on your iPad mini like you would on an iPhone or another model of the iPad. If you are stuck at any point or need help accessing apps that you already have downloaded on another device, then apple retailers can help or you can probably find plenty of advice online.

The iPad mini is a great new device from Apple and although there is nothing that different about it, the smaller size makes for really easy use and convenience when it comes to typing. The device does lack the retina display, but is still a great device for use as an e-reader and to use all the apps you enjoy using. It’s light, small, and looks pretty sleek as well so a great option for your next tablet device. Apple has produced a device that makes computing easier for everyone and much easier to carry around with you too. Technology on the move is what people expect today and the iPad mini makes this easy.

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