How Technology is Assisting in Making the Construction Site Safer

As long as there have been humans on the Earth, there have been construction sites. We, as the human race, pride ourselves on being able to build our own homes, businesses, cities, and institutions. There’s just something satisfying about using your hands to tangibly create.

However, for just as long, there have been accidental injuries and deaths on the job. From falling off scaffolding to dropping tons of rock in the wrong place to mistaking wet cement for mud, there is a great deal of opportunity for danger on a construction site.

With that said, technology has taken notice and is replying with great ideas that could eventually eliminate the danger on of this particular job field. Below are three of those ideas.


How many times, as a young person, did you imagine flying a drone into an area off limits to you and discovering the secrets behind Mom and Dad’s forbiddance? It seems every kid has at some point. Guess what? You can not only have the privilege of “playing” with one of technology’s best toys, you can help keep your fellow co-workers safe while you do it.


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On the construction site, drones are now being used to survey the site, keep on eye on structure stability, and take pictures necessary to keep everyone involved up to date. They are also helping foremen keep an eye on their crew’s safety by offering the chance to take to the skies and add an extra eye to the security of the site.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is making a huge splash in the gaming world, but its beginning dates back to the 1920’s where Edwin Link created the first flight simulator for beginning pilots. Later, in the 1950’s, virtual reality begin to take on more of the persona we are familiar with today.

The thought is that the technology that helps us to train military personnel, surgeons, and widens our pallet of entertainment can also help make the construction site a safer place to work. There are several large machines needed to build.

Virtual reality would allow employees to train on simulators that could help them maneuver cranes, bulldozers, and other helpful tools better and with more awareness of potential dangers.

Better Communication

Construction workers are people just like the rest of us. They occasionally stay up late to watch a good movie, have families and good friends, experience tragedy and joyous events. Be that as it may, when they are on the site, they are notoriously hard to get a hold of. Between the dangers of physically destroying your phone, being in a high decibel environment, and swimming through fields of interrupting signals, having a cell phone on site is almost pointless.

Technology has an answer for that, too. There are now cell phones, like the Kyocera DuraXE, that are breaking all the glass ceilings of previous phones. They are more durable, made to not only compete with background noise but overcome it, and are being given a strong link to popular providers. A construction worker who can be reached at all times is always safer.

Construction is the backbone of any community. Technology is making it safer to build the bridge to the future.


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