Technology And Business Communication: A Match Made In Heaven

The nature of business is no longer a face to face encounter.  Today, business takes place remotely, more often than not.  The dependence upon technology for effective communication is becoming more and more standard with each passing day.

Remote employees save company’s money, and a video conference call is much less expensive than five to ten plane tickets.  It just makes sense to integrate the most cutting edge technology into business.

Here are a few ways in which business communication has been transformed through the development of technology.

The speed at which we communicate

The first form of written communication was in the shape of pictures.  Pictographs gave the ancient civilizations of man their first written language.  Then, the invention of paper and the printing press made the transportation and sharing of documents possible.

The most recent communication revolution has been brought to us courtesy of technology.  The worldwide implementation of electronic communications, sent through electronic waves and signals, has completely overhauled the way in which people talk to each other.


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The availability of vital information

Technology has changed the ways in which we communicate, but it has subsequently flooded the world with access to information.  The internet has become such an integral part of our lives that the vast supply of information has become a source of concern for many.

Those who are most knowledgeable about the information transformation have been troubled to develop protective measures, such as encryption software and virus protection.  Communication is far more risky behavior when sensitive subjects are being discussed.

The passage of information

The passage of information has changed from paper texts to mobile texts and instant messaging.  There is no longer any reason to wait for an answer to come through the mail.  Mail is virtual.  Though postal services still have work to do, people’s dependence upon written communication is nearly extinct.

The cost of communication

The cost of communication had decreased immensely.  A person can send an email from one side of the world to the other within seconds, and the only cost incurred is the price of internet or mobile services.  There is no longer such a thing as a long-distance phone call with the advancements of cellular communications.

The style of our communications

Communication used to be a much more face to face experience.  Due to the massive increase in written communications, people are beginning to have trouble getting their message across in person.  Technology provides the opportunity to perfect the message before it is delivered.

Also, mobile communication has required that we type out our messages using small buttons.  Small buttons have led to increased shortcuts and symbol usage to convey a message.


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