Ways Technology Can Help You On The Road To Becoming A CPA

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant takes plenty of time and dedication to education.  The road to certification may not be the easiest, but it is not a bad deal for an average salary of $60,000 a year.  CPAs are a necessary occupation in the world, and job security in the realm of finances is a happy existence for hard-working professionals.

Privately owned companies and other organizations depend on the skillful knowledge of their CPAs.  Certified Public Accountants help organizations remain relevant and competitive, while ensuring financial integrity.  Take a moment to read through this short overview, highlighting a few ways in which technology can help you on the road to becoming a CPA.

The internet has plenty of study tools for the CPA exams

The CPA certification examination is comprised of four parts.  Every applicant must pass each part to become eligible for certification.  Once hopeful CPAs take (and pass) the first section of the test, they have a year to complete the other three sections.

Otherwise, applicants must start all over again.  Certified Public Accountant qualification exams may only be attempted once the applicant has fulfilled the standard educational requirements.  It is also good to know that there is a financial cost for attempting the examination.


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Online courses can also help with CPE qualifications

Certified Public Accountants are typically required by the state in which they are licensed to complete a specific number of hours in continuing education courses each year.

Those certified by the AICPA require 150 credit hours to be completed every three years to retain legal certification.  There are certain other states that require a little less, but it is a safe bet to always count on continuing educational requirements.

Technology provides online college courses

There are several opportunities for students to obtain their educational requirements via the internet.  A quick Google search will present any hopeful CPA with a slew of educational options.

The ability to obtain an education via the internet opens up endless possibilities for stay at home parents, and those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  Online courses typically cost a little bit less than typical college courses.

Internships can often be found using the power of the internet

There are many CPA professional positions that require a certain level of experience before hiring an applicant.  It is often difficult for students to find viable and educational internship opportunities, but technology has alleviated that pain (to some extent).

Indeed and Internship dot com are excellent resources for students looking to acquire relevant experience in the realm of finance.  CPA internship opportunities are critical to safe passage into the professional community of financial accountants.


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