Top reasons why Apple watch may or may not succeed

I am not surprised if being a Cupertino fan you behave the same way these days as a lady does it for her favourite perfume. It (Apple watch) is something already with a lot of fuss. Finally, the device is all set to calm down all your excitements. However, many eyebrows have already risen with a doubt in mind; will the wearable be equivalently successful as of the other predecessors? Being candid there are many reason behind such suspect. Let’s have a look at some of those.

You can’t feed same amount to everyone:

Needless is to mention bout how crucial are the batteries for a device. In this case the power arrangement can serve you for some eighteen hours. Frankly, this is never sufficient for a wearable. Imagine your watch doesn’t work after eighteen hours use! Rather, such practice makes you tired about the product.

What’s extra with it?

A brand like Apple is come up with something new has always with some real fuss. However, fan following is fine if no expenses are involved. You will replace your gadget with a watch/wearable. Does it make any sense, especially for not a crazy folk? In fact, a smartphone is way lot better replacement for the watches. Same features with a baffling and confined frame hold every chance to calm down the noise too quick.

You can afford waiting for something revamped

Apple Watch is pretty much at its inception stage, and needless is to mention the way the devices are getting transformed or receiving the updates. In short, this is something like a trial edition for the wearable by Apple. Again, if you are not someone a freaky fan of Cupertino, not having any interest to spend some hard earned bucks for a test edition, then waiting for some days definitely make sense.

How handy is it?

A product’s value is directly proportional with its handiness. No matter how smart features are there, but answering a call is most fundamental and crucial at the same time. Now tell, how easy would you feel to answer a sensitive call from a watch? What would be your gesture? Why should I do the extra work of connecting with another phone?

Feature that makes some sense with the concept:

Still, a good is always good. The spec that has been highly anticipated about the product is its health concerns. For the sportsmen controlling things from a watch or such equivalent stuffs is always a better option. It has the native GPS that has already dragged attentions of many athletes and Cupertino fans. The recent Apple watch is receiving nice feedbacks in terms of its sensors.

Apple Pay

This can be certainly another stand out feature. It lets the iPhone 6 users feel that extra freedom while shopping. You don’t need to carry those credit cards everywhere. If you are having an iPhone 5, or newer, then through the feature you can purchase your stuffs without credit cards just by clicking a side key and knock it at the payment section.

Apart from this

Cupertino uses its creative sense pretty nicely and has made it interesting like anything.

It always has something this time for the fun loving folks. You can now make you buddy’s Apple Watch vibrate. Just give them a digital ping. You can let them know your heart bits. The officials call it a refreshing way of connecting with someone. Pretty cool though; isn’t it?


Finally all it can be said is that thumbs should be always up for a new attempt. Being a Cupertino fan it has already set the exceptions too high. However, it would be a lot better seeing the device functioning in a handy way rather than using the excitements of the fans. Talking from business point of view, it would make some business for sure, but thing to be watched is up to which extent.

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