Using Mobile Technology to Plan Your Day

Although the traditional paper and pen day planners are still sold in various stores, more and more people are turning to mobile technology in order to balance their lives. Smartphones and tablets can maintain a plethora of functions while being able to travel with you were ever you go. Instead of carrying planners, laptops and other devices every time you leave the house or office, you can control nearly every aspect of your life from the high-tech gadget in your pocket.

Scheduling Your Day

Before you begin loading apps on your smartphone or tablet, you should write down your typical day and the kind of schedule you keep. This will help you determine what kind of an app you”re looking for. While some apps may be robust and attractive, the more expensive ones could be overkill for what you need. The more elaborate and detailed your day is, the more functionality you may need from your digital day planner.

Organization Makes Your Life Simpler

When developing your schedule, see if there is a way you can organize certain activities to make the day flow smoothly. For instance, planning all of your traveling tasks to logically flow in order of location can help you save gas as well as time. Start from the furthest point away from home and work your way forward. Organization is the cornerstone of efficiency and works with just about any activity in your life. Even tasks such as keeping your laundry room organized can create an efficient and time-saving work-space.


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Technology to Suit Your Activity

If you spend a great deal of time at your desk and don”t travel much, cheaper alternatives might be more realistic. While the latest and greatest tablet and smartphones offer an incredible amount of features, a cheaper unit may be all that you need. These low-cost tablets and smartphones are capable of performing a lot of the tasks you may need throughout the day including running the apps you want. Don”t be attracted to the glitter of something you don”t need and be realistic about your regular activity. If you don”t take a lot of pictures, then the camera technology really doesn”t matter.

Installing the Apps You Need

Once you”ve determined the mobile technology that would best suit your purposes, it”s time to start test driving some apps. There is a wide variety of day planning apps available and most are free to try with limited capabilities. Depending on your daily routine, that may be all you need. If you need access to editing documents, creating spreadsheets or budgeting your finances, you may want to pay attention to the user reviews. A lot of these apps can be incredibly useful, but the reviews can tell you if someone with similar interests as you is having a problem with the software.

Mobile technology can be incredibly useful when creating efficiency in your life. Don”t settle for expensive devices and apps simply because they look excellent. You may wind up spending more money than you wanted on features and abilities that you”ll never use.

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