5 Reasons Samsung’s Galaxy s4 Is A Superior Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy s4 is more than a smartphone, it is a device that allows consumers to manage life, improve their health, have fun and keep current in both their business and personal relationships. One of the benefits of using a smartphone is taking advantage of the device”s capability for making everyday tasks simpler. The Galaxy s4 brings numerous possibilities to the palm of the hand through its design, features, Android OS, specifications and accessories. A great mobile experience comes down to intelligence, design and usability. The Galaxy s4 does this and more.


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Samsung Galaxy s4 Device Details

The Galaxy s4 is sleek, but what sets it apart from other devices are its polycarbonate body and AMOLED screen. Both light-weight and sophisticated, the Galaxy s4 has features like a 5 inch display, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, expandable memory and a dual shot, 13 mega pixel camera that consumers can”t just typically get in a single device. The Galaxy s4 is like Cinderella”s glass slipper, it allows users to enjoy a combination of the latest technology paired with proven manufacturer success. Features like infrared remote, various sensors that recognize everything from temperature to device orientation, combined with the Android operating system is a recipe for total success. Great for personal use, the Galaxy s4 is stellar for managing business. Full service mobile solutions integrated onto the device allows users to navigate a fast-paced business environment and stay competitive more than ever before, and do so looking good, on top of that.

Galaxy s4 User Benefits

Samsung”s Galaxy s4 is powerful, practical and a do-everything device. User benefits, in no specific order, include NFC technology, meaning that the device can be touched to another device in order to share files, music and photos, a camera that rivals professional equipment, microSD storage slot for expandable memory and tons of software extras. There are translation tools, font features and hands-free features too. Accessories for the Galaxy s4 include Bluetooth headphones, Gear wearable technology and an assortment of on-the-go chargers, cases and screen protectors. Further, with the recent launch of the Galaxy s5 model recently hitting the marketplace and boasting similar features, the Galaxy s4 has never been more affordable or worthwhile to purchase.

Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy s4 as either a personal, business or combination smartphone is cost-effective and resourceful. Using apps for business, entertainment and personal management means staying prepared for meetings, birthdays and necessary appointments. Being able to do all of that from your pocket is plain magical. There are hundreds of styles of smartphones available for purchase, so it is important to recognize when one is on the market that can essentially do it all, and the Galaxy s4 is that very device. The Galaxy s4 can be enjoyed as a web-cam, a document scanner, a replacement for a traditional wallet, a mobile “hot spot” and even a television. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy s4 are becoming more than amazing, they are becoming an integrated, crucial part of our daily lives.

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