3 Reasons You Should Learn How To Use Excel

Excel is one of those staple programs that more and more people would benefit a lot from if they learned how to use.  While the initial learning curve can be a little frustrating, it can be extremely easy once you get the hang of it.  There are a variety of resources online which teach basic tips for maximizing your experience.

If you prefer to learn in a visual way you can go to YouTube where you will find thousands of videos instructing basic formulas for whatever your needs are.  Some people only learn the basics, while others take the time to really go deep into the more advanced features of this program.

Not convinced that you want to take the time to figure out how to use Excel? Here are the top three reasons why you should put some time aside and learn today.


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Organizing Your Personal Finances

Sometimes just looking at your online banking statement isn’t enough.  Payments can be pending and not show up in real time.  If you create a basic balance sheet within Excel you can manually enter each check and charge and see how it affects your balance rather than relying on your online banking which can often surprise us with charges that come through at the last second which we can forget about.

No one likes to be overdrawn in their account which leads to stress and extra fees.  Therefore, creating a balance sheet which shows everything you charge on a credit card, take from your debit account, or put into your savings can save you lots of trouble.

Adding The Skill To Your Professional Resume

Many jobs out there these days require Excel knowledge.  Because it is such a versatile program it is used in all kinds of different settings.  If you learn basic Excel you can add this to the bottom of your resume which will make your office skills shine much more than not highlighting this skill.

Make sure that you really learn the ins and outs of the program rather than making false claims that you do.  If you arrive at your new job and are required to start a spreadsheet and pie chart on your first day in Excel, you better be ready and willing to produce the results!

Minimize Tedious Lists and Addition In Your Life

Excel uses formulas in cells which make math a lot easier since it adds and subtracts automatically resulting in a sum at the bottom of your columns.  Beyond mathematical formulas, it is also very handy for organization and creating a visual sheet for tasks which you might otherwise just have written on post-its all over your desk.


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