5 Tips for Using Tech To Advertise

It has never been easier to advertise, thanks to all of the new communication technology that is so prevalent, but it”s also never been easier to advertise badly, and in a way that irritates people more than draws them in.

That said, you can still use tech to advertise effectively, you just need to keep a few things in mind regarding the current state of advertising, how ad blockers work and why they”re so prevalent, how to put ads in the right places, how to use permission marketing, and keeping in mind that the medium is often the message in today”s digital world.

Keep In Mind the Current Ad Revolution

Even a short amount of reading about branding and advertising will tell you that the ad industry is at a bit of an impasse with the tech industry. Depending on what side of the equation you”re on, you either like the possibility of getting to a lot of people, or you”re irritated that they are blocking you, or on the consumer level, so much is headed your way that you would rather just look at a black screen.

Brush Up On Ad Blockers

But whether you”re trying to use tech to advertise, or you”re trying to use tech to block advertising, it”s important that you know where ad blockers fit in. They are often free plugins and extensions that you can install on the browsers on your desktop computer, or inside different parts of your mobile devices that control access to the advertising assets that are always running when you search for information and websites.


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Put Your Ads in the Right Places

To combat the trouble with advertising, especially from a tech standpoint, your best bet as an advertiser is to figure out how to put ads where they belong. Put ads about computers in front of people who need computers. Put ads about clothing in front of people who are shopping for clothes. How this is going to be accomplished will be through the proper use of analytics in coming years.

Permission Marketing Along With New Tech Is a Great Partnership

If you haven”t heard of permission marketing, especially in the tech and business worlds, then it”s time to brush up on that as well. It essentially means that people only see what they want to see. They basically sign up to have certain products marketed at them, which means they”re always interested in the ads.

Remember that the Medium Is the Message

As an advertiser in the tech world, you need to realize more than ever that the medium is the message, and how your ad is presented is just as important as what is presented. The answer to the riddle of having tech help do your advertising and promoting is caught inside of that juncture.


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