5 Ways To Keep Your Digital Information Secure

How secure do you think your digital information is? How easily do you think people could hack your passwords, or get a hold of pieces of information like your birthdate, your social security numbers, or the names of your pets? It”s a fascinated, well-connected, mobile world now, but as convenient as that is, it also leads to some problems with privacy and security scattered as data out on the web.

Especially if you”re in a professional industry where security and privacy matters are prioritized, it”s absolutely vital that you take care of your digital information, and the following five tips will help you achieve that goal.

Invest In Email Protection

A big source of digital information hacking is your e-mail. You can send and receive anything you want at an address of your choosing, but if anyone ever gets access to this data, consider what could happen. And that right there is why you want to make sure that you prevent secure information being archived in your e-mail at all. There are number of ways to do this, but two favorite methods are by having an email inbox scanner program running, or keeping everything encrypted.


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Exercise Good Judgement About the Cloud

The cloud is another place that lots of your private information can be stored, so you have to make sure that whichever cloud service you use has the necessary level of encryption for your data present. It may not be as big of a deal that your family photos somehow end up getting accessed, but if you have backup information on a server somewhere that includes things like names and addresses of people, or even financial or credit card information, that”s asking for trouble.

Use a Password Plugin

Most browsers have add-on features available now that allow you to have a master key password that remembers all of your other passwords, so that each site you log into has a super secure entry code. So instead of having to remember 30 basic passwords, you only have to remember one difficult one, and the rest is automatic.

Keep Applications Updated

Applications will often have security risks built into them that developers only find out about later. To make sure your digital information stays secure, always update to the latest versions of everything, including major programs and operating systems.

Don”t Let Old Accounts Lay Around

And finally, if you have any old accounts or old email addresses, get rid of them instead of just letting them sit out there. Hackers can find their way into those things and use them in place of you, and then suddenly lots of private information is flowing in the digital realm uncontrolled.


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