Check Out Five Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know

You’ve finally done it. You bought your first Macbook, and you can’t wait to dig into what it can do. The trouble is that you may not fully understand everything your Mac device can accomplish. We’re here to help.

You can’t learn everything there is to know about your new Mac computer in five minutes. However, you can learn a few key things every new Mac owner should know about their machine. Check it out.

256 MB of RAM isn’t enough

Don’t get a machine with 256 MB of RAM. That’s not enough to really keep up with the tasks most users need their computer to do in today’s fast-paced culture. Make sure your RAM can keep up with your lifestyle. The best thing you can do for yourself as a new Mac owner is to become the owner of a Mac with a gig of memory.


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Running on a 1GB memory stick will give you the ability to do several different things at once without locking up your computer. There’s nothing worse than a frozen screen when you’ve been working in a groove.

You don’t have to defrag your Mac

If you’re coming from only ever using a Windows operating system, then you understand the tedious nature of defragging your computer. As a new Mac owner, you will never again have to defrag your machine.

Mac’s are designed to do that dirty deed all on their own. You can, however, free up some extra space on your hard drive to make your machine run a bit better. Dig into what your Purgeable Storage can do to speed up your processes.

The equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Another foreign concept to Mac users is the Windows combination of Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Your Mac doesn’t even have those buttons. Don’t find yourself stumped when your machine decides to freeze.

You can access the programs currently running on your computer by pressing Command-Option-Escape. Here you can close one or all of the currently running programs. You can also force restart the whole operating system if you so choose.

Customizing your startup regimen

When you start up your Mac computer, you don’t want 872 different processes to boot before you can begin working. You can augment your machine’s boot up regimen by going to System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items.

How to eject a disk from your drive

The simple function of ejecting a disk from your new Mac may be a little difficult to figure out for users who aren’t familiar with Mac’s system. It’s simple. Press and hold the F12 button for two seconds, and your disk will eject from the device. You can also press Command-E.

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