How to Cut Videos With the Help of Movavi Video Editor

Cutting videos is one of the most crucial parts of editing them. It is the means by which you can split your video into segments, and subsequently remove any bits that you don’t need. In some cases you may even rearrange the segments afterwards, or replace some of them with new footage instead.

If you want to edit your video, you need to be able to cut it – there’s just no way around that. Fortunately, learning how to cut videos is not only simple with the help of Movavi Video Editor, but fast too.


When you want to cut a video, all you need to do is:

  1. Add the video by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting it.
  2. Click on the video that will have appeared in the ‘Timeline’.
  3. Move the red marker located above the video in the ‘Timeline’ to the point that you want to cut it.
  4. Click the ‘Scissors’ icon to cut the video and split it into two parts at the point where the red marker is located.
  5. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Save the video by clicking ‘Export’.

Assuming you want to remove any part of your video you can simply select it in Movavi Video Editor and hit delete. On the other hand if you want to rearrange segments you will be able to drag and drop them into place in the ‘Timeline’.

Once you’ve come up with the ‘final cut’ of your video, you can also utilize the other features in Movavi Video Editor to enhance its quality, apply special effects, include background music, and insert customizable text. It is just as easy to use these features as well, so you shouldn’t run into any problems whatsoever.

Between being able to cut videos so easily as well as the host of other features in Movavi Video Editor – you should be able to create some truly impressive videos. Just exercise your creative muscle a little bit and make full use of the features that are available to realize your vision.


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