Movavi Video Editor: iMovie Alternative for Windows

Do you want to be able to edit videos on your Windows PC the same way you can by using iMovie on a Mac? Because iMovie itself doesn’t support Windows, you will need an alternative that is just as user-friendly while at the same time provides the features that you need.

On both those fronts Movavi Video Editor will be the perfect fit. It is designed to make editing videos easy and intuitive, and you can simply drag and drop a video to load it up and get started. Just like iMovie you don’t need any prior experience to use the editor, and you can expect to need no more than a few minutes to familiarize yourself with its user interface and features.


The features in Movavi Video Editor are similar to iMovie in many areas, and for a start you can cut your video into segments, rearrange the order of video clips, and get rid of any parts you don’t want. Additionally you can adjust the color levels and fix issues such as blurry, pixelated, shaky or interlaced video segments.

Within Movavi Video Editor there are also tons of filters that you can drag and drop onto your video to alter its visual appearance. It has a variety of special effects that you can use as well as a wide selection of animated transitions that can be placed between video clips.

Of course no video would be complete without audio, and working with audio tracks in Movavi Video Editor is just as easy as iMovie – or more so. Adding new audio tracks is easy, and you will also be able to edit them to normalize quiet sounds, remove background noise, add audio effects, and much more. Its features extend beyond that as well, and will let you add captions, crop or rotate the frame, and more.

As you can see Movavi Video Editor can quite easily go toe to toe with iMovie when it comes to features, and there are a few ways it is even better. In particular it can be used to create slideshows or even help to simplify the process of creating video montages, by automating certain parts and making it much easier.

All said and done if you want a capable editor that is just as easy to use as iMovie if not more so, you should take a few minutes and give Movavi Video Editor a try or find out more info here. That is all it will probably take for you to see for yourself just how good an alternative for iMovie it is, and will likely to help solve all your Windows video editing needs.


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