Technological Innovation In Products that Require Gases

A lot of times when people think about improvements in technology, they think about electrical components. They think about computers and processing tips. But there”s technological innovation that”s all over the place concerning other styles of equipment and needs of industry as well. Consider for a minute some of the technology that goes into products or equipment that require the use of gases.

You can think about oxygen tanks. You can consider industrial equipment that requires nitrogen. Anesthesiologists use equipment that requires precise amounts of gases. And then there are the natural gas supply lines that go to people”s homes and businesses. In all these cases, improvements in technology will improve those applications.

Oxygen Tanks

People that have trouble breathing or have certain medical conditions require oxygen. And this oxygen is carted around in an apparatus that consists of an oxygen tank and then a method for delivery. The system itself is pretty simple, but as technology has improved, the ease-of-use has gone up considerably. Portable oxygen takes are now easier than ever to use, carry around, and refill or swap out as necessary. This allows people that who would otherwise be homebound or hospital-bound to be out and about during their daily lives.

Nitrogen Requirements

Various industrial applications require nitrogen for operation. Three big industries include the oil and gas industries, ammonia plants, and chemical manufacturing facilities. When it comes to the particular process of trying to produce a pure form of nitrogen, the processing and safeguards that go into the equipment have to be very steady and consistent. Technological innovation allows much cleaner results when it comes to testing purity, and also when it comes to creating the components that build the purifying equipment.


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Anesthesia Equipment

In hospitals, healthcare facilities, or other medical buildings, it”s common to require the use of anesthesia. One of the primary ways that an anesthesiologist is going to put someone under is through the use of gas. This is a life and death equation when it comes to figuring out the right amount of gas to put into someone”s system. Lots of technology goes into making sure that the release of this gas is exactly what the surgeon wants.

Supply Lines To Homes

If you have a home that uses a gas water heater, gas stove, or gas furnace, and you have to have supply lines to your house. Where technology comes into play would be the design and implementation of the piping system that gets the gas from a central supply location all the way to your house with the appropriate pressure. It”s amazing that companies have done such a practical job where any flaw in the system gets noticed and repaired quickly and safely.


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