Tips To Assure Your Mobile Devices Are Safe & Secure

In the twenty first century, almost everyone has one or several mobile devices that they work with on a daily basis.  We keep our friend’s and family’s contact information in our phones.  We keep opened access to our emails and other online accounts.  We store our photos and memories in our devices.  The point is that we store a smorgasbord of personal and private information on our tablets and mobile phones.  You have to protect yourself from identity theft among other things.  Leaving your devices opened and unprotected is simply asking for someone to abuse your privacy.  Here are a few vital tips that will help to assure that your mobile devices are safe and your information is secure.

Keep your software up to date

It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is that you keep your devices up to date with all of the most recent software updates.  If your software isn’t properly updated, you could inadvertently create open spaces in your security efforts.  Most mobile devices will alert you, and update automatically.  Just make sure you don’t hinder your device from doing it’s job.  Let it update!  Security program writers are usually responsible for putting out new updates that are intended to correct a newfound security threat.  


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Keep your passwords strong

If you’re familiar with the latest technologies at all, then you are familiar with those crazy password standards that most online accounts employ.  There’s a reason for that.  If the program responsible for the information you’re trying to protect doesn’t require you to have a complicated password, just take the initiative.  Make sure your passwords have numbers, letters, and symbols in them.  You will also want to change your passwords periodically to maintain security.  There are plenty of little apps that will create strong passwords for you if you think you’re just not up to the task.  

Watch your Wi-Fi & social media accounts

Wi-Fi and social media platforms are the worst for your security measures.  If you come across any friend requests or access requests that you are not one hundred percent sure about, you should always deny deny deny!  Don’t keep your wi-fi connection opened either.  By leaving it opened to connect to networks automatically when they are found, you are leaving yourself open for attack.  Your phone could connect to an opened network, and be hacked without you even knowing that you ever opened a connection.  So turn your wifi off if you aren’t in a secured location and on a secured network.  

Stay in the “know” when it comes to your devices

The best thing you can do to protect your personal files and data is to keep yourself up to date on the latest applications and software updates that will help protect your devices.  


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