Why Host1Plus has the Perfect VPS Hosting Plans?

I signed up with an apparently affordable web host for my blog and soon found that cheap is not the best choice in web hosting. I soon realized that I had made a poor decision. I was sold just on price and didn”t check the features offered by that web host. I eventually moved from that host to Host1Plus VPS hosting and I am thankful I made the move! So I would give you some info about the issue I faced with my previous host.


I signed up with another web host for my first blog. It was an extremely cheap shared hosting plan and I chose a 3-month package. They had an offer of 1 free-domain registration and I fell for it too. After signing up I was busy with some routine work and created my blog after a couple of weeks.

I used Softaculous to build my new blog on WP. It was easy and took just 1 to 2 minutes. Then I published my first post and thought my blog was life. I was stunned to find that it was not. My site URL was showing ‘under construction’. I reached out to my host’s support team (who were available only during weekdays and during business hours). They tried resolving the issue for 2 weeks without any results. And then I decided to leave that ‘cheap’ web host. I checked several other web hosts and I chose Host1Plus.

I have been happy ever since!

Advantages of Using Host1Plus

Since I signed up with Host1Plus, I have always cherished my association with it. There are so many advantages of using their VPS hosting solution:

  • It is a long-term investment for me. I don”t have to think of making an upgrade for many years.
  • It is affordable. Especially for someone like me who started with a simple blog site and wants to continue with it for many years.
  • They offer free domain names on all their VPS hosting packages.
  • They offer 500+ templates.
  • They offer backup for all their plans.
  • The best thing for me was that I was able to transfer my website without any costs.
  • They also offer free add-ons that can cost you much more with other web hosts.
  • There is no limit to the number of email accounts.

There are many other reasons why I will suggest Host1Plus to everyone.

Customer Support

Customer support is the best feature from Host1Plus. With my previous web host, the support team would stop responding on live chats when they didn’t have answers for the problem. As I mentioned in the beginning, they couldn’t figure out why my blog was still showing ‘site under construction’ even after days of publishing a post. Latter they would just not respond to my queries.


But Host1Plus has a professional and responsible support team. They helped me with moving my domain and blog without charging me anything extra. On the other hand, the tech team at my previous host wanted me to pay them on an hourly basis to fix things. Despite that they were unable to put my site online.

Host1Plus offers excellent tech support through live chat, phone and email. They are available 24×7, which is unlike my previous host. They were available only during business hours and working days.

My Plan

I created the following VPS hosting plan with Host1Plus and haven”t yet needed to upgrade. It costs me just $4 per month. One of the features that differentiate this host from many others is that they allow you to choose your server location.


The main features of my VPS hosting plan with Host1Plus are as following:

  • RAM – 1GB
  • Processor – 1/2 core
  • Storage – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – 500GB
  • Platform – WP

My blog went online from the moment it was shifted to Host1Plus and I am happy with its performance.



My experience with my previous web host was a nightmare. I would recommend everyone to stay off anything that comes cheap in web hosting. Host1Plus offers reliable and answerable tech support, has affordable plans for VPS hosting, and makes it easy to move your site from other hosts. Anyone who comes to learn about Host1Plus will not want to sign up with any other hosting provider.


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