Today’s Green Technology Saves Money and Resources

There is a movement for growing personal and business efficiency that is gaining strength across the globe. People are turning to more efficient technology in order to help promote a more sustainable future for humankind. However, you don”t have to be involved with this movement in order to benefit from what the technology delivers. Even those that don”t believe in greenhouse emissions or global climate change can”t deny the financial benefits of using devices and gadgets as it can save a lot of money.

Lighting the Home

The popularity of light bulbs has played a role in getting people to be more conscientious about energy usage. While some may believe that CFL and LED lighting is nothing more than a marketing ploy, the longevity of the bulbs and the power consumption isn”t as easily dismissed. Although these units may cost four times that of traditional incandescent bulbs or more, the CFL and LED bulbs will continue to operate from eight to 15 times longer depending on the brand. This isn”t including the 85 percent less power usage.

Let it Rain…

Rain barrels are not exactly a new technology, but the adaptations for the 21st century can make these containers ideal. Many people are using the water collected from various rain storms to water gardens with automatic and solar-powered water pumps. Depending on the area you live in, these rain barrels could provide enough water to your flowers and vegetable gardens while offsetting the costs of water used through your outdoor faucet. It”s true that eventually the water will run out, but that is tens of gallons of water you didn”t have to pay for. If you treat your lawns and gardens with available organic compounds that promote plant life, you could use half of the water as you would otherwise. This will double the amount of water you”ve collected in those rain barrels.


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Energy Efficient Appliance

By trading in your old appliances for new energy conscious units, you could save money on water and electricity while getting the same effect. Appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves and more are developed specifically to consume less power. Although these units are designed initially to conserve power in the home to reduce usage along the grid, the monetary savings can quickly add up throughout the year.

Testing Your Own Electronics

For less than $50, you can buy power meters that plug directly into your wall socket and record every volt of power that is used by electronics that are plugged into the unit. Some of the more high-end devices will allow you to program your own cost-per-kilowatt hour in order to track how much money a particular appliance costs you. The results of these kinds of tests can be extraordinary as you witness how much money you”re wasting each month while using various machines and equipment.

You Don”t Have to Go Green to Benefit from Devices

For many people, going green can be a life-changing accomplishment. However, you don”t have to take such measures in order to benefit from the technology developed for those consumers. Take a closer look at your home or office and see what you can replace in order to save money. Wouldn”t you rather keep it in your wallet than hand it over to the power or water company?

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